Monday, September 13, 2010

[UPDATE: Sep,13 2010] iPhodroid R13 DOWNLOAD NOW !

UPDATE: Sep,13 2010

"So far so Good. The Circle is getting closed. Now on this Project we can open discuss on a great wellness about iPhoDroid Mac and iPhoDroid PC. That was my goal, but I know a lot way still need to be run and today I can ensure you that the first step we really made it so fine and so firm. Next stop is to fix some bugs that will come naturally but that's absolutely normal on this stage. So, Sr. Windows and Mac, call me any time if you need help and want to tell me whatever you have in mind to make improvements on this tool. I accept any idea, any suggestion and respect any possibilities. God bless everybody, every single one who still believe. And keep continuing support me. We will get there and I know a lot of good things for our iPhone we gonna reach."

Sergio Mcfly
Download the new Version Here !

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