Saturday, September 11, 2010

Download i-FunBox v1.0.381.331 [With new Installing .DEB Files]

Update software v1.0.381.331 with new feature including installing deb files (via Cydia) and application APIs (via installous)

i-funbox is for all users wishing to connect to your jailbroken iPhone and not jailbroken from his computer with the USB cable and thus taking advantage of high speed data transfer.

  •  Download the latest version of i-funbox for windows.
  •  Connect your iDevice to your computer.
  •  In the case of the jailbreak or BlackRa1n or Spirit, install afc2add
  •  For Mac users, here is the equivalent iFuntastic.
  •  Transfer a deb file in "site facilities Cydia App" and then reboot your iDevice.
  •  Transfer file IPA "Installous App Install" and then launch the application Installous to install the API.

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