Saturday, September 11, 2010

Download installous 3.3.3 [Sending ipa files via Wifi on another iDevice]

Update v3.3.3. New sending function ipa files via wifi on another iDevice (with installous to install.)

Here is the repo version installous iOS 4 and compatible with the function of this tasking OS, version of installous DocMorelli, author Updatr incorporates a new control update available on its web apps downloaded via installous.

Installous is the famous project started by Puy0, which separated from Hackulo had developed install0us 2.5.2 (with a zero).
This applications through an interface very fluid and fast, in collaboration with the site, you can download applications from the AppStore.

Cydia Repository:
Version: 3.3.3
Author: Docmorelli
Fitness for: OS x3, iOS 4
Price: Free.
Deb file: installous_3.3.3_iphoneos-arm.deb
  • How to install .DEB File
  •  In Cydia, add this repo url:
  •  you must Install as Appsync 4.0 or 3.0 from Cydia.
  •  In the application settings (Settings), we advise Dont activate Automatically Delete.
  •  Recommended strongly: You can get by with a program like SSH iFunBox, IPAS you downloaded and import them into iTunes and if the interests of sync with installous.

  •  Sending ipa files via Wifi on another iDevice.
  •  The application must be installous i stalled on two iDevice for trasnfert API.
  •  Activate the application settings: Enable LocalSharing.
  •  Transfer and install ipa files via i-funbox.

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