Sunday, September 26, 2010

SHAtter-Exploit Jailbreak for iOS 4.1 will be Released Soon, Not Waiting iOS 4.2

Pretty cool news, the administrator of the iPhone Wiki and the popular iPhone hacker behind modified blacksn0w on iOS 4 has just announced that SHAtter jailbreak will be released soon as the hacker behind SHAtter exploit is not waiting for iOS 4.2 release from Apple, so we should expect it anytime this week or next week, stay tuned!!

They won't wait for iOS 4.2 to release SHAtter. iOS 4.1 will be jailbroken soon.
iOS 4.2 is scheduled to be launched in November for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, but if the developers of SHAtter are not waiting for iOS 4.2 then the release is soon, there's no ETA yet, at least I can say that we will not wait long for this jailbreak which is not confirmed yet tethered or untethered, also we don't know yet if it's named SHAtter or Greenpois0n. As usual we will keep you informed

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