Saturday, September 11, 2010

MewSeek 2.5-1 UPDATE for iOS 4 REVIEW

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Live streaming and Downloading of music has been possible on the iPhone by the use of Mewseek. Now eric has updated his app to support iOS4 (if you missed this earlier) and made another update to fix TOS crashes.
other features brought back to iOS4 is the add to iPod feature we all remember, which basically as it entitles , lets you add your downloaded content to your iPod library without the use of itunes.
but this time around , eric has added some new features to help you better find and download content


FULL iOS4, iPad and iPhone4 support
Streaming before you download: useful to preview songs before you download them (when listening to streams, a simple shake will let you stop playback)
Folder sync: add any mp3s on the download folder to add them iPod through MewSeek
Tag Edit: Edit artist, title and album names before adding to iPod
Retina support:

you can find MewSeek and give it a trial free on Cydia!
or Register full service for $9.99

unregistered users are allowed a maximum of ten (10) songs to your music library using the "add to iPod" feature
after this limit is reached you have to register

and for those wondering,
"There is a huge misunderstanding on the legal status of MewSeek. MewSeek does not host any of the files but provides a simplified search engine interface to quickly search for files on the internet that a user would otherwise do by some other more complicated method.
If you compare this to Google there isn't much difference, Google is a search engine and so is MewSeek in a way"

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