Friday, September 3, 2010

Skyfire Mobile Browser Available to Play Flash Video on iPhone [Video]

It was just two days ago for some rumors about a web browser from Skyfire that can view flash content on the iPhone. That's true! According to press release published today, Skyfire has submitted a mobile browser to Apple's App Store capable of playing Flash video while adhering to all Apple's guidelines regarding HTML5 open-video standards on Apple devices.

SkyFire for iPhone was developed following all guidelines of Apple, including the use of Safari and WebKit shared with streaming H.264. The application works just turning and "translating" millions of Flash content in HTML5 format via a dedicated server. Supports devices with IOS and avoids all the problems that may occur when scrolling a web page containing this technology.
The app is expected to be approved within a week or two weeks! But may be Apple will reject this app although there's no reason to reject it. Stay tuned and we will keep you informed.

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