Sunday, September 12, 2010

Download Browser Changer 1.0.0 [change the default Safari browser with another browser][videos]

Browser Changer is a free application from the BigBoss repo available on Cydia.
This application will allow you to change the default Safari browser with another browser like Opera Mini or Atomic Web Browser example.

Update v1.0.0.

Cydia Repository: BigBoss
Version: 1.0.0
Author: tom-go
Fitness for: OS 3x, 4x iOS
Dependencies: None.
Price: Free.
Deb file: openopera_1.0-0.deb

  •  A toggle SBSettings is available to enable rapid switching off or change the default web browser.
  •  Open any link url received by mail, sms or other with the web browser of your choice.
  •  For the Opera Mini browser, clicked a url will not open the page directly, but the favorites page thumbnail.

v 1.0-0 Change log
  • - Added support for iLunascape.
  • - Added option for hooking GoogleMaps ( and YouTube ( links
v 0.9-0 Change log
  • - Added support for Full Screen Browser
  • - Life Web Browser
  • - Mobicip
  • - Oceanus

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