Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Interview with the MuscleNerd [DevTeam] Jailbreak iOS 4.1/4.2

Well there has been so much speculations about the 4.1 jailbreak, we managed to get a few minutes with @MuscleNerd from the DevTeam about the progress in the 4.1 jailbreak, and asked the following questions.

Q1: How long have you guys been developing the 4.1 jailbreak ?

> In some sense, years!  Many of the tools, methods, and concepts carry over from one jailbreak to the next.  But as far as the stuff that's brand new and unique to this jailbreak, things really picked up on the day that @pod2g got his SHAtter exploit and payload working ( @Pod2G )
Q2: How many people are working on the 4.1 Jailbreak ?
> Including both teams and independent contributors who belong to neither team, about 8-10 people are working on the unique aspects of this jailbreak.
Q3: Will the 4.1 jailbreak be 4.2 compatible ?
> If it's not already compatible by the time 4.2 comes out, it can likely be made to be compatible.  (But nothing is ever 100% predictable.)
Q4: Are you guys waiting for the 4.2 GM Build to be released till you drop the new jailbreak ?
> Nope!  There are parts of it that aren't fully worked out yet.  The goal is to make it easy and safe enough for most people to use...especially ultrasn0w unlockers (who have the most to lose if the JB process goes wrong).
Q5: How can the readers help the dev team ?
> By continuing to not promote piracy, and being vigilent about the scam websites (especially the scam unlock sites). 

Q6: Will the new jailbreak support previous firmware ? ie 4.0 or 3.x

> That's not the goal...if that happens it will be as a side effect.  
Q7: With all the fake 4.1 jailbreak news floating around the internet ? How do you know which tools are fake or real ?
> The fake sites really flourish when the demand builds up for a new jailbreak.  It's happened time and time again, so it's unlikely that will ever change.  But the team blogs and team twitter accounts are obviously the most reliable sources for when new tools are actually pushed out.
Q8: Any word on release date ? ;) j/k
> Hah :)


  1. it's for soon !!! :D

  2. Hah :) >> Hour And hour :) >> 1h + 1h = 2h .
    11:06 + 2:00 = "13H06" PM :)

  3. Be Patient Guys ,u read that already 8-10 ppl work on the new JB Tool,and this need Time for Fix all !!