Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Next Jailbreak May Not be From Comex

Just a quick heads up. Next jailbreak will not come from Comex, Yes, that' true! Come has just replied to someone telling him that he will donate to him whenever the next jailbreak is released. Comex said that the next jailbreak may not come from him. Full details posted below.

Arif Jinnah asked the following
@comex will definately donate when u come up with next jb,even if it take's weeks to get it done, my 3gs runs on jb while i4 waiting for it
And our big developer Comex answering him
@ariif next jb might not come from me :D
To be clear, Comex is not leaving, he just said that he may not jailbreak iOS 4.1 Although MuscleNerd confirmed that the next jailbreak will be userland jailbreak by Comex. Also we told you that there's two exploits (holes) in the wild, both by p0sixninja, one of them George Hotz used to jailbreak iPhone 4. The other is a bootrom exploit which acts on the hardware of the device itself not the iOS.
Also, may be p0sixninja will be the next developer to jailbreak iOS 4.1 which will be released tomorrow. We will announce you by any update or anything happens, Stay tuned!

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