Thursday, September 9, 2010

iPod Touch 4G Confirmed Jailbroken with the Same Bootrom Exploit

Wow, What a big one! iPod touch 4G has arrived for users who pre-ordered it last week when it was announced! Guess What? Pod2G our new iPhone hacker has got iPod touch 4G and his new bootrom exploit works on it. That would be great if he could really jailbreak the 4th-generation iPod touch.

Darkchoas asks him if the exploit works on iPod touch 4G:
@pod2g is this exploit valid for ipod touch 4g? just wanted to clarify ive read alot of conflicting stuff
Pod2g replies:
@Darkchaos455 yes IPod4g too
So, what a big one Apple! iOS 4.1 has been released today, and iPod touch 4G was released last week and now they both can be jailbroken forever and Apple won't catch this exploit forever. As usual we will keep you informed whenever the jailbreak tool is available.

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