Monday, September 6, 2010

Comex has Two Exploits to Jailbreak iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2 [EXCLUSIVE]

As most of you know, we reported that Comex is working on iOS 4.1 userland jailbreak. We are just two days away from iOS 4.1 and it brings a lot of new features and bug fixes which stimulates people to upgrade to this iOS 4.1. Comex has two exploits for jailbreaking iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2.

According to yesterday's post, the developer is working on "Userland Jailbreak" on iOS 4.1 for all devices but if the boy failed to do so, we will receive a new tool that acts on the device's bootrom. Let's explain it more..

The userland jailbreak uses an uses a loophole in iOS itself, just the same as his last two tools, Spirit and JailbreakMe. This exploits can be caught by Apple easily and closed in the next iOS upgrade. This method is untethered jailbreak and it's the exploit used  by Geohot.
Unlike userland jailbreak, the second exploit acts on the hardware of the device itself. In brief, Apple can't close this hole as it must change the internal components of the device to protect against the new tool. Apple only can close this hole in the new devices!

In brief, Comex will use the userland jailbreak which uses the exploit on iOS itself to jailbreak iOS 4.1. The second exploit will be used on iOS 4.2 when it's released in November if he didn't fail to jailbreak iOS 4.1. The two exploits were discovered by p0sixninja, one of them used by Geohot to jailbreak iPhone 4. In summary, the jailbreak in one way or another is will be released. Now just wait for iOS 4.1 release in the next two days. We didn't hear anything about unlocking iPhone under iOS 4.1 but Planetbeing may be working on this.

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