Monday, September 13, 2010

Transfer files and music from your iPhone to the computer without iTunes!

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer is the ideal assistant for managing your iPhone. In fact, the program helps you transfer photos, videos and music from iPhone to PC and PC to iPhone without needing to go through iTunes, and provides assurance that the files are transferred in full, without being damaged.

The program supports all models and versions of the iPhone, including four new iPhone with IOS 4.1. It also supports the iPod Touch and as well as transfer files on your computer, can also pass from an iPhone to an iPod in an instant by connecting multiple devices to be created without conflict.
Once you plug the iPhone / iPod Touch to computer, the program immediately display information about the device, such as image, model, version, serial number and free space left on disk.

The program is ready to transfer, using the three buttons at the bottom of the main screen you can add files to iPhone / iPod Touch, export files from iPhone / iPod Touch to your local disk, or export files from iPhone / iPod iTunes.


In addition to transfer, Xilisoft iPhone Transfer enables you to organize files on your iPhone, allowing you to move between different folders, create new folders, change playlists or create new playlists for your music with a lot of artwork so that they view as thumbnails rather than as a list.

In addition, Xilisoft iPhone Transfer enables you to use the iPhone as a data memory. It will be possible to back up any PC files on the iPhone, and quickly search for those already in memory: by gender, name, song name dellla, keyword etc. This way you can find the files you want quickly, without wasting time and bring them with you at home with friends or office.

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer is available in both Windows and Mac editions can be downloaded free directly from

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