You are a new user or already have a jailbroken confirmed, here are some tips to jailbreak your best iDevice.

In this period of release beware of fakes and no software supporting trust only teams made the scene as the Dev Team jailbreak, iH8sn0w, Comex, ChronicDev geohot and friend.

  •  The jailbreak firmware iOS 4 is currently available only for models Former iBoot iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G (Model MB, not MC)
  •  Read the information on the concept of iBoot here.
Install the iOS 4.0.1 & , iPad FW 3.2.1  . [Update]
  •  You can download iOS 4.0.1 & , iPad 3.2.1   Here 
  •  Installing this firmware can be done with the latest version of iTunes 9.2, read the precautions with this version here.
  •  The new iOS 4 is Supported for [iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G]

Install the iOS 4.1 beta firmware.

  •  Provision for developers only iOS version 4.1 beta 1.
  •  A beta version which expires August 18, 2010.
  •  Installing this firmware can be done with the latest version of iTunes 9.2, read the precautions with this version here.
  •  For this beta testing a utilstateurs iOS 4.1 jailbreak is a possible model for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 3G model not MC. read this guide.
  •  IPhone 4 : this iOS will forever change your 4.1 version of baseband and no returns will be possible.

Install the firmware iOS 4 [ x.1 & x.0.1 ]

  •  When updating the firmware to iOS 4 with iTunes is quite long owed to the backup.
  •  Download an official firmware here.
  • (File. IPWS to rename in. IPWS if you download in. Zip)
  •  Installing this firmware can be done with the latest version of iTunes 9.2, read the precautions with this version here.
  •  Launch iTunes 9.2, click the SHIFT key (ALT mac) + RESTORE.
  •  An explorer window opens to indicate the firmware iOS 4 (file. IPWS)
  •  All versions of iTunes here.
  •  Donwgrader your iTunes version here.

Firmware Restoration
  •  I always advise you to restore a firmware as a NEW DEVICE.
  •  Avoid re import your last backup.
  •  This will prevent any bug after your freshly jailbroken iDevice.
  •  Outlook and Outlook Express, associate with iTunes, you can save your contacts in iTunes and sync them after your restore.
  •  Your applications, music, videos and pictures are on your computer in iTunes, therefore, a synchronization after restoration, you can re-install everything.
  •  IPhone 3G and iPod Touch 3G: To restore an old firmware, you must meet certain condition, here.
  •  For other models, restore an old firmware poses no problem, read this guide.

The unlocked

  •  Do not confuse desimlocker and jailbreak.
  •  An unlocked is possible if your iPhone is jailbroken.
  •  Desimlocker unblocks the version of your baseband (prog modem)
  •  This information is for your baseband on your iPhone: Settings - General - information - Prog. modem
  •  All versions of baseband 04.26, 05.11, 05.12 and 05.13 of all firmwares are compatible with Ultrasn0w 0.9.3
  •  To install Ultrasn0w 0.9.3, you must be jailbroken to access to Cydia via ssh or install the deb file.
  •  IPhone 4 on iOS 4.1 this will forever change your version of baseband and no returns will be possible and no tools yet for the new baseband.


ECID / SHSH [Updated iOS 4.0.1]

  • ECID / SHSH For iOS 4.0.1 Here [Update]
  •  For models iPhones 4, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 3G, jailbroken or not jailbroken!
  •  You must save your file shsh signed the firmware you currently use to downgrade to that in a future firmware update by Apple.
  •  IPhone 3G jailbroken iOS 4, save your shsh signed for iOS 4 before a possible update iOS 4.0.1 or 4.1 iOS Read this.
Take time to read the posts, do not read between the lines, this will prevent you from making mistakes or wasting time for nothing!

How to Install a .deb file

First of all, what is a .deb file ?

It is a package which contains everything you need to install an application (often coming from Cydia). The package is edited by hackers, they modify the code lines and then it becomes a cracked application.


There's different ways to install a .deb file, we will the main ones :
1st method : Mobile Terminal

 [Steps 2 and 3 are only if you never installed a .deb file with this method]

1/ Download the .deb file you want (example : LockInfo)
2/ Start Cydia, go to "Search", type "Mobile Terminal" and install it

3/ Repeat step 2 for "OpenSSH"


4/ Start "MobileTerminal"


5/ Type the following commands :
  • su  (press return)
  • alpine  (press return)  /!\ You won't see the typed password then don't worry /!\
  • dpkg -i nameofpackage.deb  (press return, replace nameofpackage with LockInfo for the example)
Note that you can rename the .deb file like 1.deb (it's easier to type)

6/ Reboot

2nd method : iFile (+ Safari Downloader)

Required :

* a jailbroken iPhone

* OpenSSH installed (search in Cydia)

* afc2add 1.01 fix usb if jailbreak was done with Blackra1n.

* SafariDownloader_1.3.1-2

* iFile_1.0.1-1

If you experience some problems to access SSH :

* copy the file iTunesMobileDevice.dll in the installation folder of the SSH software used.

* display the hidden files

* the file iTunesMobileDevice.dll is there : C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin

1/ Start the SSH software you want (WinSCP, FileZilla, iFunBox...) and connect to your iPhone
2/ Copy a .deb file in var/Mobile/ or the folder you prefer
3/ Install the .deb file just by clicking on it

4/ Reboot your iPhone

3rd method : AutoInstallation

1/ Connect to your iPhone with SSH software

2/ Create the folder Cydia/AutoInstall into var/root/Media/
3/ Reboot your iPhone