Thursday, September 2, 2010

iOS 4.1 GM, the Full Coverage

At the moment we are doing huge test operations of iOS 4.1 GM on iPhone 4 which was released an hour ago. In this article I will show you all you need to know about iOS 4.1, what's new, bug fixes and improvements. Here's my first impressions on the new firmware update iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch.

New Features
Fast Autofocus Camera
Apple patent which will increase the speed of Camera and taking pictures in the next update. Here it comes, iOS 4.1 improves the speed of within the pictures are taken from your device.

iPhone 3G Performance Improved
We already knew that! When Jobs replied one of the emails asking him about the iPhone 3G performance, Steve Jobs answered telling him "coming in the next update" and here we go! iPhone 3G performance improvements should be noticed in iOS 4.1 GM.

Game Center
Game Center was seen in the first and second betas of iOS 4.1 then disabled in the beta 3. But Apple today reintroduced Game Center in iOS. Game Center provides APIs for developers but is also a new app on the iPhone (available soon via the App Store). You can play with friends, inviting them with a push notification, or be randomly assigned to other players when your friends aren't available. Unfortunately only iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users gets multiplayer support.
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
HDR (High Dynamic Range) in the camera is an aweomse feature that takes 3 photos rapidly, one normal, one under exposed, and one under exposed. It combines the three with some pretty effects.
Upload Youtube videos over WiFi
Starting from iOS 4.1, you have the ability to upload Youtube videos via WiFi.

Bug Fixes
iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor
iPhone 4 users were reporting proximity sensor glitch that would result in the hanging up of calls or mysterious button presses that would mute or invite another person into the call. Today, this issue will no more piss you off as it has been fixed in iOS 4.1

Bluetooth Connectivity System
Finally, Apple could fix this old issue since iPhone was released! iPhone users was getting some difficulty in the bluetooth system with other devices, all is now over! iOS 4.1 should fix the Bluetooth connectivity system with other devices

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