Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Steve Jobs says Apple doesn’t track anyone

What is the tracking location issues in the iPhone ?
for who don't know the Security researchers in apple have discovered a file in Apple’s iOS local backup system that keeps track of your entire location history, in format perfectly readable by a computer. The file, by default stored unencrypted in the iOS database that can be backed up to a computer using iTunes, keeps track of “everywhere you go” by triangulating the 3G signal against the nearest cell towers, and offers a way to private detectives or people who might get their hands on your device / computer to have access to your moves in the past.
One of the Security researchers suggest that this might be a simple bug or “an oversight” on Apple’s part. He claims that a “little-birdie” told him the consolidated.db file acts as a cache for your location, and it’s not meant in any way to be used by Apple to track your location history and moves; the file is never sent to Apple’s servers, but is kept locally on your 3G device and on your computer.

Today one of MacRumors readers emailed Apple CEO Steve Jobs asking for clarification on the issue:

Q: Steve,
 Could you please explain the necessity of the passive location-tracking tool embedded in my iPhone? It’s kind of unnerving knowing that my exact location is being recorded at all times. Maybe you could shed some light on this for me before I switch to a Droid. They don’t track me.
A: Oh yes they do. We don’t track anyone. The info circulating around is false.
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i Think that apple is Responsible for that issue Read more in the full article here.Just stay tuned for more updates

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