Thursday, April 14, 2011

iOS 4.3.2 Locks Factory Unlocked iPhones (WARNING)

Look what we've just received! We were surprised when we read this post on Apple's forums saying that iOS 4.3.2 locks factory unlocked iPhone 4.
On Apple's Discussions forums, John Doe 69 notifies and warns iPhone users from updating to iOS 4.3.2.

A warning out there to owners of factory unlocked iPhone 4's!! After updating to iOS 4.3 this morning, I proceeded to purchase a SIM card from another carrier and after inserting it into the phone, it was NOT recognized!! I have used SIM cards from the new carrier in the past and it seems like my handset is now locked!!

Be cautious!! If you plan on keeping your phone unlocked I would avoid installing the iOS 4.3 update until they fix this!!
So, what the heck Apple?


  1. LoL , is not true

  2. is the problem solved or not yet?

  3. it is true. i bought a factory unlocked iphone 4 and it got locked with 4.2. Need to call apple care...

  4. I'ts truth!!! My iPhone 4 factory unlocked iOS 4.1 baseband 02.10.04 have been lockea after update to 4.3.2!!!
    That's going too far!

  5. The same happened with me after updating from 4.3.2 to 4.3.3 this morning. Any solution for this?

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