Sunday, April 24, 2011

ipswDownloader - Utility Shows Jailbreak, Unlock Status & Download Firmware

ipswDownloader is a simple app for downloading firmware for Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.
ipswDownloader will allows you to download new released iOS firmware’s for your devices by Apple with just one click but notes that this app is only for  MAC OS X Users only for ( there is no Windows version available till now ). ipswDownloader also can tell  you the status of firmware that it is jailbreakable or not, and also tells you about the unlock status of firmware, that is it unlock able or not this tool is similar to the magic.

What's New  ipswDownloader  Version 0.3:
  • Displayed download speed;
  • Device list loading from serve;
  • Add update checker;
  • Add Growl notification;
  • Add Russian/Русский lang;
  • Updated GUI;
  • Some fixes.

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