Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Asked, They Delivered! Tweetlist Update – Black Theme

Ever since Adelina’s post about Tweetlist, I immediately bought/downloaded it and haven’t looked back since.
I’ve seen many people request a black theme, well Zooble (the developer) has responded to these requests. Check out the new update!
Zooble just announced via Twitter of Tweetlist’s new update (v 2.1) stating “Get your dark side onnnnnn!”.

Along with the new dark theme, here are all the other great updates. *** Please note, the screen shot below shows this app as FREE – this is only because I already purchased it. ***

Here’s what the dark theme looks like (click for full resolution). To change to this, go to the settings and then themes.

If you don’t have Tweetlist yet, GET IT! It’s by far the best Twitter app out there!!!

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  1. I've been hearing a lot of rave about Tweetlist and I'm definitely interested, but I have one question I can't seem to find answered anywhere - does Tweetlist allow you to crosspost to Facebook as well as Twitter?