Friday, February 25, 2011

Apple Set To Present FaceTime HD, Thunder Bolt I/O?

Specs for the upcoming MacBook Pro update seem to have been leaked online and among them are FaceTime HD and what just might be Apple’s name for the 10Gbps LightPeak port — ThunderBolt I/O.

Apple used to call MacBook cameras iSight, but since FaceTime launched on iPhone and iPod touch they’ve taken that name back to the Mac. If the 2011 MacBooks get 720p HD FaceTime cameras is that something we’ll see on iOS as well?

Intel is set to have a LightPeak event on Thursday, also Steve Jobs’ birthday and the date rumored for the MacBook Pro refresh. If the pictures are to be believed, Apple will be calling their LightPeak implementation ThunderBolt… which is also the name of the about-to-be-released HTC LTE Android phone on Verizon. If this all proves to be true, here’s also hoping iOS gets ThunderBolt this year. Yes, small amounts of data should absolutely go wireless but for those occasions when you need to tether and transfer large amounts of data — a bunch of movies, large navigation apps, big games, etc. — after a restore, doing it in a few seconds would be huge.

Anyone else want FaceTime HD and ThuderBolt on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch?

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