Thursday, February 24, 2011

Untethered Exploit For iOS 4.3 To Be Released After Next Week.

Just a little while ago, we have informed you that Apple has finalized the code for iOS 4.3 and is expected to release it next week – We can take this as a confirmed news.
Once iOS 4.3 is released, all jailbreakers will be looking for a jailbreaking tool to jailbreak their iOS device running iOS 4.3.
Few hours ago, Stefan Esser aka @i0n1c tipped us that, the man/team behind @SecureTips will release a Untethered Exploit for iOS 4.3 after next week. For those who dont know Stefan Esser, he is the brain behind Antid0te. Antid0te is a tool, which adds Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) to jailbroken iOS Device to make to more secure.
I heard @securetips will release a iOS 4.3 untether exploit after next weekend. Follow him for news.
The only reason for us to believe that there is something cooking at @Securetips is that, its referred by @i0n1c. Other than that, we dont have any way to authenticate this news. Looking at @Securetips tweets, it looks like the person behind it seems to be knowledgeable. So, we never know.. Stay tuned..
Update #1 – Just a little while ago, @Securetips tweeted that they won’t be releasing the 4.3 untethered exploit. They believe that keeping the vulnerability secret is the best possible defense.
@i0n1c Sorry, but we won’t release the 4.3 untether exploit. We believe that keeping the vulnerability secret is the best possible defense.
Update#2 – @securetips say´s Hint: our iOS 4.3 untether exploit is related to recent changes in the kSec/SecPolicy subsystem. No other information will be released.

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