Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ultrasn0w Will be Released In 2 Weeks After the Release of iOS 4.3 [iPhone 4 Baseband 02.10, 03.10 & 04.10]

I bet a lot of you have heard this before and eagerly waiting for this to come.

Well as reported earlier, The iPhone Dev Team has been working on updating Ultrasn0w to support iPhone 4 basebands 02.10, 03.10 & 4.10. According to Vincent aka @veeence, who is very close with The iPhone Dev Team has just tipped that, the updated Ultrasn0w will not be released the same day as iOS 4.3. It looks like, The iPhone Dev Team Team has to do some standard testing on compatibility and bug fixing and by the time Ultrasn0w gets out to general public, it takes about a week or two after the release of iOS 4.3.
@veeence - Just a note before you guys go crazy when iOS 4.3 drops; the unlock won’t be released on the same day.
@veeence - Standard testing on compatibilty and bug fixing of the 0-day unlock and prepping for release usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks.
As previously mentioned, @Veeence confirmed that the upcoming Ultrasn0w will support iPhone 4 basebands 02.10, 03.10 and iOS 4.3 (likely 04.10). So, for those who are stuck with those basebands, your iPhone 4 will be unlocked pretty soon. So, until then, make sure you Jailbreak your iOS device with any of the following tools.
I still recommend you to TRY to preserve your Jailbreak, for those who are planning to upgrade your iOS device.
via [MacHackPc]

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