Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Tool “SHSH Blobs Extractor” Coming Soon

Seems like iH8sn0w has been busy working on a new tweak that will help us extract inactive shsh blobs (no longer signed by Apple) from our new iDevices.

When you buy a new iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV 2, it already comes preloaded with firmware. Let’s say someone purchases a new iPhone 4. It comes with 4.1. The user is indeed able to jailbreak it by a series of jailbreaking tools available these days. However, lets say that the user has a conflict with the device during the usage on the firmware that came preloaded. They would most likely want to start fresh and do a restore.
But wait, if Apple isn’t signing 4.1, how are you going to grab these blobs? Well, believe it or not, but the blobs are actually still on the device for that firmware. This is because the boot chain relies on these blobs. Its basically another signature check of Apple but is given to the device originally from Apple via a Restore/Update.
So, what if we can extract these blobs? Well we can!
Over the last month, I’ve been caught up with finals, but that is all over and done. So, development on this new tool has been working non stop! I’m going to explain again on what this exactly does.
If you have a device that is on a firmware that Apple is not signing (example: 4.1), and you wish to grab blobs for, you can with the new upcoming tool. Just ensure that you don’t press that Update/Restore button in iTunes. Everytime you restore or update, these blobs get replaced by completely new blobs for the firmware you are updating/restoring to. 
Exciting news for jailbreakers!  iH8sn0w did mention the tool he was working on earlier last month via a skype conversation but I was sworn to secrecy until he publicly announced it.
Now you wont have to worry about buying a device on a old firmware that Apple has stop signing.  What do you guys think about the upcoming tweak?

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