Friday, December 3, 2010

Special Christmas Gift for our Reader´s [EPHD+DynmaicHD Theme]

elite pro hd (red)Theme

this is just the elite pro hd theme with all the red ui already included in the folderbars made the theme i just assembled the shit i liked into one theme folder and made a few things that were missing.
DownLoadLink´s Below

 Download HERE EPHD Theme
also, there are two uisounds one is named UISounds1 and the other is UISounds
if you dont like the ones in the UISounds folder then change the name of that folder
to UISounds2 and change the UISounds1 folder name to UISounds.
one more thing this is the iphone4 version if you dont have an iphone 4 on 4.1 some of this shit will not work on your device.

Dynamic HD

This is a glitch that lets you get paid themes for FREE on the ZodDTT & MacCiti REPO
1. Go to themes(Complete) and then look for Dynamic HD
2. Then quickly press the DOWLOAD button
3. Then again QUICKLY PRESS the comfirm button

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