Monday, December 27, 2010

Download i-Funbox V1.1.407.389

A new version of i-Funbox utility software is available for download, only for Windows users.
This utility allows you to access your jailbroken or not jailbrake iDevice and allow you transfers the rapid recovery of data files.

  •  iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  •  jailbroken or not Jailbroken.
  •  Windows only.

The software i-Funbox is distinguished by its high speed transfer of data files to your iDevice and simple to use for any newbie. An alternative to iTunes for some operations to perform on your iDevice.
  •  For a non-jailbroken iDevice you access the media part of your iDevice only (Pictures and videos, ringtones, memo voices, iBooks, etc.)
  •  For iDevice jailbroken, you access your entire iDevice (does not require the installation of OpenSSH, but if you have an old jailbreak Blackra1n type, you must install the patch afc2add Cydia)
  •  File Explorer on your iDevice.
  •  Transfer file using copy and paste or drag and drop.
  •  Quick File Transfer iPA for installation from your iDevice with installous.
  •  Installation (Auto-install) deb file on your iDevice: A reboot is required after transferring to install fichierdeb.
  •  Quick File Transfer videos, pictures for your wallpapers iDevice, ringtones, iBooks, etc ... (The transfers appear to be compatible Wallpapers iOS iPad 4.2.1)
  •  Get your pictures and videos taken with your iDevice.
  •  Ability to rename files or folders on your iDevice.
  •  Does not change the permission of a file or folder as the software iTunnel Suite or WinSCP.
I-site and download Funbox on the official site.

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