Sunday, December 12, 2010

8 Must-Have Jailbreak Apps for this Weekend !

We talked about lots of new jailbreak tweaks the last few weeks and we decided to sum up these tweaks in one post so in case you missed any of them, you can catch all the this week's tweaks below.

  • StayOpened: This tweak prevents the app store from being closed after downloading apps.
  • ListLauncher: Allows you to quickly find an app by name, not by icon.
  • AirHomeVideo: It allows you to stream recorded video via AirPlay from any app.
  • iSHSHit: Allows you to save SHSH blobs directly from your iphone, iPod touch or iPad itself.
  • GraviBoard: It makes your home screen icons lose its gravity and give it an awesome style.
  • CallLock: Locks your iPhone screen during a phone call to prevent from accidentally pressing buttons by mistake.
  • ScrollingBoard: Gives the ability to tweak your folders and add some functions that Apple missed to add.
  • PulltoRefresh: Using this, you can refresh your mail from anywhere in the app without going back to the home screen.

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