Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PlayAwake Tweak cracked and Free at Cydia

PlayAwake Tweak is another highlight of the day, its function is to allow us to use the music from the iPod as an alarm clock. To do this, we must only choose one track from the iPhone music library from the same native application “Clock”.
CydiaRepo Below

So now, you can wake up listening to your favorite music (Remember to set the playback volume from your iPod application, as if too low, you will spend long in your dreams)
first to set the playback volume of the alarm.


  1. my is 4.2.1 OS when I wand to choose sound, the app closes

  2. It says that there is no support for 4.2.1 on version 1.0.9 yet. I have the same problem. You just have to wait for the next version of playawake or downgrade your iOS which is quite tricky and does not worth the effort for just this program in my opinion. Patience :)