Monday, December 27, 2010

BackBoard Makes Switching Between Themes A Breeze!

One thing I always hated about going between themes is having to re-setup my icons, lets also not forget having to enable certain springboard tweaks to make the theme look just right.
I guess this is the reason why so many of us choose and stick with one theme for a while.  That’s where Backboard comes in to help…

So how backboard works is, it allows you to save your current springboard layout so you can revert back to it at a later time.
So lets say you have your iDevice in stock mode, no themes installed and you saved this as “Stock” on Backboard.

Now after getting your hands dirty with a couple of themes, you finally found the right one for you.  Lets say you saved this springboard layout as “iHTC” on your Backboard.
But what if after a week you want to go back to the stock look (I dont know why you would want to do this but lets just say..).  You really don’t want to re-arrange all your icons again., Well since you saved your springboard “Stock” layout, all you’ll have to do is choose and install the “Stock” layout in Backboard.
In less then a minute, you’ll be back to stock mode.
Since you also saved the iHTC layout, installing it will take you back to your iHTC theme without you having to set up your icons and tweaks for the theme again.  You can continue to do this with other themes as well.
Backboard is definitely a time saver if you go between themes.  Will it redefine how you theme our iDevices?  I am now a believer and say, “Yes it will”.
Here’s a video of BackBoard in action., (Note: this video was shot during early beta builts, its much faster now).

Note: Backboard does not supply or download the actual themes for you. You must install/purchase them from Cydia first before you can use backboard to install.
BackBoard Features
  • One click installation
  • Fast theme switching
  • Backup and restore
  • Theming security
  • Iconoclasm support
  • Dependency Checker
  • Simple layout, with theme preview
  • Custom installers that can link to backboard
Backboard is also implementing a security check for themes.
“With the latest outbreak of theming piracy in other forums, it is best to add piracy protection you your themes. Backboard has a blacklisting system that will check my servers every time a theme installation is made. This way, I can live update the list if new pirated themes were to be released, without having to update the app itself. If you are a theme developer, then adding you theme to Backboard can be done through a single email” – Dev wyndwarrior
Backboard will soon be available in Cydia for free but if you want to beta test it for now simply add the following repo:
If the repo is down you can manually install the deb file – Download Link
You might want to download the instructions as well – Link
It’s very easy to understand once you play around with it (That’sWhatSheSaid)

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