Saturday, December 11, 2010

HOW TO: Get Cydia Tweak Updates Faster!

Are you tired of the Cydia reloading the data just to see new tweaks in Cydia? Well now you can check them using an RSS feeder! This guide will show you how to set everything up to show you how to check your Cydia updates in no time!

STEP 1: Download an RSS Feeder. I recommend MobileRSS

STEP 2: If you don't already have a Google Account, you can register for one here.

STEP 3: Next, click this link here. After that, press the Google Button to add it to Google Reader.

STEP 4: Log in to your Google Account and it should add by itself.

STEP 5: You can now view the RSS Feeds via MobileRSS! All you have to do is press "All Items" to view your updates.

Give it a try now, and don't forget to share your experience on the comment section.

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