Thursday, December 16, 2010

SBSwitcher cracked and Free at Cydia!

SBSwitcher is basically SBSettings placed in your app switcher. Unfortunately, only the toggles apply here, so if you want to invoke any of the other SBSettings functionality, like say, respringing, you’ll have to resort back to your old methods…
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Aesthetically speaking, SBSwitcher is nice because it mates SBSettings with stock iOS functionality; that is, it makes SBSettings feel more like a native part of the iPhone.
When someone looks over your shoulder, and sees you pull up SBSettings by means of an activator swipe, for instance, they know your iPhone is jailbroken. SBSwitcher makes said functionality a bit more transparent.
I’m not trying to defend the price of the tweak, it is much too expensive. But that’s why we’re here at iDB, to help you decide on what’s worth downloading and what’s not.
There are a few options that are added to the settings app by means of this tweak, which alter the way the app switcher works. Sadly, none of them bring anything particularly important to the table.

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