Thursday, August 26, 2010

Skyfire, the mobile browser-based Flash coming for iPhone? [RUMOR]

Developers SkyFire, known for the popular mobile browser support for Flash technology, could come soon on the iPhone. The technical fact, immediately after the approval of Opera Mini in App Store, kicked off the development of this new mobile browser compatible with the IOS platform.

The work is almost completed and developers SkyFire could send to Apple as early as next week, after a short period of beta testing. We currently have no other information and for this we can not offer screenshots of the graphical program. There are also serious doubts about its approval of the application in App Store (especially if it should really include support for Flash technology).

However, if this happens it would be really interesting to have the App Store another alternative mobile browser to Mobile Safari. In any case follow the story and keep you informed about it.

Meanwhile, we ask, think that Apple will adopt a software that supports the Flash Player so hated in the App Store?

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