Sunday, August 8, 2010

New JailbreakMe App via OpenAppMarket for all iDevices [UPDATE]

Since AppleStore blocked Comex works on a new JailbreakApp
And there it is since this Night

Follow this Steps :
Step 1
 * open this URL   in ur SafariBrowser at ur iDevice
 * ( or open "OpenAppMkt-App at ur iDevice and look for the "iJailbreak"App )

Step 2
 * Add the URL to Ur HomeScreen via Safari
 * then u might see this below

Step 3
 * Tap the App !!
 * and u might see this below

Follow the Instruction " Slide To Jailbreak "
                             Thats All !!! 

                              ENJOY !!!

with these Instruction u can Jailbreak even the iDevices at the Applestores again :p


Now u can also Jailbreak ur iDevice also with this URL 


  1. it doesn't work on my 3G 4.0.1 !!

  2. also doesn't work :-/ (3G 4.0.1)

  3. look here

    or here