Sunday, August 22, 2010

LockDown Pro Cracked

Or this repo


Lockdown Pro: The simplest way to password protect any of your applications. It works on all modern firmwares (3.x - 4.x) on all iDevices except the iPad (which will be compatible pending an update). If you have used Lockdown before, this is a major update.

New Features:

* NO extra application for Lockdown Pro's settings! They are now in your Settings application.
* NO respringing required!
* Choose between and alphabetic or numeric password.
* Custom passwords now! You can set different passwords for individual applications.
* Delay Lock. This feature will allow you to unlock any application and the rest of them stay unlocked until you lock your device.
* Graphic, speed and stability improvements as well!

Since there is no application installed, please go to your settings application, then scroll down till you see Lockdown Pro to set it up after you install it.

Planned Updates:
*Improved graphics
*Be able to lock complete folders (on iOS 4)
*Make locking/unlocking an app even faster! By directly being able to do so from your SpringBoard!
*And more features!

v 1.1
- Bug fixes
- Couple new graphics
- Big update coming s

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