Saturday, August 21, 2010

Action Menu 1.1-Updated for iOS 4

Included in Action Menu (free):
  • “Copy All” sends the entire text in the current field, all the items in the selected table, or the entire text of the web view to the clipboard.
  • “Dial” sends the number present in the field, web view or active table cell to the Phone application.
  • “Favorites” presents a list of common phrases to paste into the current text field. List is customized via the Settings app
  • “Scroll” provides quick scroll to top and scroll to bottom buttons to make navigating tables and web pages quicker.
Included in Plus Pack ($2.99):
  • “History” maintains a record of items that have been added to the clipboard for quick and easy pasting (a real time saver).
  • “Lookup” integrates with Google Search, Wikipedia, Dictionary and Google Translate to provide quick info on the selected text.
  • “Tweet” sends the selected text to your favourite Twitter client so you can get the word out.
  • “Locate” pastes a link to your current GPS location on Google Maps.
  • “Find” allows searching within a page in Safari, Twitter for iPhone and other standard web views.
  • “Send to Pastie” uploads the selected text to for easy sharing.

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