Sunday, August 22, 2010

Download FreeMyiPhone V4b !!

XiorgON work, translated into VF by cashmoney, compiled and edited by XiorgON, and Mafiaman42 Staffy, all based on FreeMyiPhone, a free package available on the repo version BiteYourApple US-Italian.

This package will install a script in /var/mobile you will install with Mobile Terminal.
This script will allow you to free up memory on the hard disk, partition and optimize your system iDevice, it may be necessary following the release with JailbreakMe or other software to jailbreak.
Tested and working without errors on iOS 4.0/4.0.1, compatible with all iDevice OS 3x and iOS 4x.

  •  Mobile Terminal iOS 4x.
  •  The file
  •  Transfer this file by ssh with itunnel Suite or Winscp in / var / mobile.
  •  To give it permission 0775.
  •  Or install the deb file FreeMyiPhoneVF.deb (this will install the file in / var / mobile).
  •  Run Mobile Terminal. from your iDevice.
  •  Type su root
  •  Then the default password: alpine
  •  I remind you that celu must be changed to read this guide.
  •  Then type / .
  •  Automatic recognition of your model iDevice.
  •  Follow the instructions.

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  1. hi there im XiorgON the REbuilder of and DEB file im here to say the deb file will install the 775 permision to the file