Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to Fix/Activate FaceTime on Unlocked iPhone 4 !!

MiTime has been Released to Fix / Activate FaceTime on any unofficial supported carriers on the unlocked iPhone 4 as T-Mobile US. It works by sending two SMS messages to activate, therefore it can't be free as it costs the developer of the app to fix your devices. So you have to purchase MiTime for $5.99 to fix FaceTime on unofficial carriers.

If you has already jailbroken your iPhone 4 using JailbreakMe and unlocked using Ultrasn0w 1.0-1, you will probably face this problem! So, the developer of PushFix has developed this app to help you to fix and activate FaceTime on any carrier. Follow the instructions below to activate FaceTime on unlocked iPhone 4,


Step 1: If you are outside the US, check your phone # in Settings -> Phone. Your phone number must be correct and should have the + symbol at the front of it. You should NOT continue unless your phone # is exactly the one that you entered on the purchase page of

Step 2: Install MiTime from my repo ( via Cydia

Step 3: Run MiTime and verify you are authorized – If your phone # matches, you will be.

Step 4: See below and compare to what you have on the screen:
If it says “Ready for activation” and has an “Activate” button, you are ready to use a credit to activate.

If it does NOT say “Ready for activation”, leave it at the this screen until it resets FaceTime® and re-springs (2 minutes). After re-spring, unlock the phone and within one minute it should warn you about costs – IMPORTANT–>click OK. If it doesn’t warn you or does not reset, see the troubleshooting tips below.

If it says “Activated” you can stop here. It will back up your FaceTime® activation for later recovery.
Step 5: If you are ready, tap the Activate button and follow the prompts. Only send one activation request and wait for up to 15 minutes. It should only take 1 minute, but don’t waste your activation credits. If it doesn’t activate after 15 minutes, eject and re-insert your SIM. Wait 1 minute and then reboot.

Step 6: If it says the request was sent, stay on this screen. Within 1 minute usually, you will see it change to Activated.

Step 7: You are done. Once it shows Activated, it has saved your token and FaceTime® is fully enabled.

Step 8: The app can be used to fix almost any FaceTime® problem in the future just by running it.

Notes after installation.
- If you turn off FaceTime® or it gets turned off somehow, don’t turn it on in Settings -> Phone. Run the MiTime app and it will fix it and turn it back on.

- If you ever see the warning message about costs again, tap Cancel and run MiTime to see what is going on.

Here's video in action!

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