Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scammers Taking Advantage Of iPad 2 Jailbreak With Ads

As you know there is no jailbreak for iPad 2 till now. Users are anxious to get an iPad 2 jailbreaksolution.
We have seen different jailbreakers trying their luck on this A5 chip based device but till now no success. So there are people who are taking its full advantage. Scammers are offering iPad 2 jailbreak ads on different technology website. A few of them has accepted it for money and others are denying as it leads to nothing.

So if you happen to see any such ads on any website do not get scammed by clicking and then paying money for it. They will try to sell you a pre-release version of iPad 2 jailbreak. Jailbreak and unlock tools are for free. There is not even a single jailbreak tool that is being offered even at some negligible price.

iPhone Dev Team, Chronic Dev Team and other few people are the ones that release such tools. If some new developers comes, they also become famous enough to be recognized. All of tools by them are completely for free. We advice you to follow for any updates in jailbreaking and unlocking. We will inform you as soon as the real solution for iPad 2 Jailbreak releases.

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