Monday, May 23, 2011

Chronic Dev Team Gives an Update on iPad 2 Jailbreak and GreenPois0n Support for iOS 4.3.X

When there isn’t one cohesive overall goal for a post, it is always difficult to figure out how to start it, hence this introduction.
This post is going to serve as being a “state of the union” kind of post, covering a few different topics/questions that have been common inquiries. I have one request if you are going to choose to comment on this post, PLEASE read it in its entirety, I get very tired of repeating that!! Also, please do not trust ANY blogs giving you vague predictions or claiming to have “inside info” no matter how benevolent and innocuous they appear, they are still generally purveyors of snake oil.
There are a few different things I’m going to try to cover in this post, while being concise for the attention span impaired :)
  1. iPad 2 Jailbreak status (*gasp*)
  2. 4.3.x support in greenpois0n

iPad 2

As I’m sure many people have heard, Josh (posixninja) has recently been quoted saying the iPad 2 jailbreak is coming in “weeks”, I know I have been very publicly abrasive and non-commital on giving any kind of timeframe or comment on this matter, but at the behest of Josh (in conjunction with his need for a swift kick to the ass for motivation) we’re ALL going to hold him to that!!! I’m not going to get into extensive detail about this, but what I will say one of the missing puzzle pieces may have reared its head and cast a glance in our direction… take from that what you will.
NOTE:  WE will hold him to that, please do NOT badger him with “is it done yet, when will it be ready?!?!, does it wear a slipcover from an elevator sandwich?”

4.3.x support in greenpois0n

In the past I have also said that 4.3.x support was on hold for greenpois0n to focus on iPad 2 jailbreak exclusively, our course has slightly changed (primary focus has never shifted from iPad 2 since it was released) it has now become possible to easily update and execute a workflow to enable RC6.2 (tentatively speaking… mmm #dirt) to be released “soon”…

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