Wednesday, May 4, 2011

iPhone And Kinect Brings Together A 3D Multiplayer Game [Video]

One thing we never tire of at Ultrasn0w is hacks that use Microsoft’s Kinect in new and interesting ways.
If an iPhone is involved then you get double points, and that’s exactly what Singaporean developer Rockmoon did.

The end result, as pointed out by TUAW, has more than a slight resemblance to an old Sega CD (Mega CD to those of us in Europe) title called Sewer Shark.

What they came up with is a simple affair really, with one player controlling movement via the Kinect and the other firing cannons using a custom-built iPhone.

While this might not win any awards it’s yet more proof of what can be done when clever people get their hands on powerful hardware like the Kinect and iPhone. Long may it continue!

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