Friday, July 23, 2010

Twitterffic Updated to Version 3.0.1

A great update has been released for one of the best Twitter clients for iPhone and iPad: Twitterrific reaches version 3.0.1, which introduces a handful of new features, lots of iOS 4 improvements and even more bug fixes.

• Timeline shortcuts (all iPhones)
- Tap avatar to view profile
- Tap & hold for more actions (conversation, translate, etc.)
- Double-tap to reply (reply, DM, RT)
- Triple-tap to favorite

• Link shortcuts (all iOS 4)
- Tap & hold @usernames and #tags to perform actions
- Tap & hold web links to perform actions (including Instapaper)

• Links in timeline (iOS 4 with multitasking only)


• "Retweet with Comments" now uses "RT @username" format
• Uses web page titles as the subject line when emailing links from the mini browser
• Tap & hold tweet detail view for copy actions (all iOS 4)
• #hashtags now open in popovers when tapped for easy browsing (iPad)
• Emoji characters supported in the timeline (iPad)
• Increased timeout lengths for Twitter API connections to reduce errors
• Added feedback when tapping links (iPad)
• 'Restore Purchase' button to re-enable previous in-app upgrades
• Graphical tweaks to button appearance & placement throughout
• Added inline picture viewing for Mobypicture
• Reduced avatar flashing


• Fixed a navigation bug that sometimes stranded users in the main timeline
• Trends, searches & lists update properly when coming to the foreground (iOS 4)
• 'Refresh on Launch' auto-refreshes the timeline on launch - via Settings App
• URL schemes work properly when Twitterrific is restored to the foreground
• URL's copied with "Copy Link" can be pasted into the body of an email (iPhone)
• Fixed problems with "in reply to" & "retweeted by" meta text
• Retweet text no longer gets cropped
• Fixed several problems with VoiceOver support
• Crash issue resolved when viewing large TweetPhoto images
• Graphical text fixes in the accounts sidebar
Download Twitteriffic 3.0.0 [iTunes Link]

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