Monday, July 19, 2010

Solve iPhone 4 Reception Issue with Antenn-aid

Couple of days ago in iPhone 4 Press Conference, Steve Jobs announced that they will offer free Bumpers for iPhone 4 Users to solve Reception issue, But If you don't like those Bumpers or need another idea and not expensive, Ok you can buy an Antenn-aid for Only $4.99
Antenn-aid is like a protector for iPhone 4, it's small, easy and not expensive, You will put it on the left side of the iPhone 4 which causes the Reception issue, Then it will work for you, For myself I would do that better than dressing my iPhone 4 with a bad Bumper!
You can Buy Antenn-aid only for $4.99 by Navigating your browser to this Site and get your one! [via Mashable]

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