Friday, July 23, 2010

Download ShakeToUnlock 1.05 beta [Support iOS 4x][video]

This allows you to unlock your springboard when you are completely extinguished iDevice what Activator can do only if you have the screen turned on lockscreen.

Demonstration video.Compatibility iOS 4x

Repository Cydia: BigBoss
Version: 1.05b
Author: Ylli
Fitness for: OS 3x, 4x iOS
Dependence: mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader
Price: Free
  •  Toggle SBSettings available to quickly enable or disable the tweak.
  •  Differente method for shaking whose direction of iDevice.
  •  5 levels of sensitivity to prevent accidental unlocking.
  •  Unlock code surpassing verrouuillage if enabled.
  •  Just Sun, useful for users or Lockinfo Cydget.
  •  Low battery consumption.
After some tests, when both the tweak does not work ... to test different settings, but as a rule not too many errors on iOS 4x.
Manual Installation:
- how to install a file. Deb
- Shaketounlock-1.05beta.deb

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