Tuesday, July 20, 2010

IPhone 4 RECEIVE TEST with IOS 4.0.1 and differences with Bumper [video]

In this video test iPhoneitalia used iPhone 4, with updated firmware to IOS 4.0.1, which, according to Apple should have fixed a bug in displaying the tick signal.
I think nothing has changed, indeed, seems identical to the previous iOS 4.

  •  They made a handsfree call with iPhone "naked", ie without the bumper, holding it with his left hand but in a natural, spontaneous, and you will see results.
  •  Then see what happens but when you hold it tightly in his left hand, squeezing it in a totally unnatural, and here you'll see the behavior.
  •  Then put on iPhone 4 to Bumper and I did the same evidence definitely noticing a small improvement, but by no means conclusive.
But look at the video together before making considerations Final

As you saw in the video, although it is clear which side hangs my opinion, it is absolutely undeniable that the iPhone's 4 reception problems are considered a "false problem", magnified by a tam tam media for the sole purpose of putting into Apple bad light. In my test the reception on June 26, after only two days of iPhone 4 had already done this in mind, namely to realize that the fall of the signal during a call, keep the phone absolutely abnormal, unnatural and uncomfortable.

Virtually no one calls your phone as a tightening tighten the arms of a seat on a plane crashes. Example stupid, sure, but that makes the idea of a problem that really only occurs when you all to notice. Hold the phone just as we always will be absolutely no problems of any kind. Also keep in mind that the video was shot in a hotel room in front of the airport of Genoa, which has double glazed windows to shield the rooms from aircraft noise, and therefore the field was not optimal. From two notches and crushing the phone with his left hand signal just dropped a notch.

Mind you: we are not saying that there is no hardware problem. We are saying that this is indeed a crucial problem in judging iPhone 4 a little phone, an armed robbery or as I heard recently "the shameful last place with Steve Jobs." If the antenna was placed there in the lower left and now we know, why should we put the phone to make as strong as we can to make sure the line is lost? and especially why should we be angry and think that iPhone is no good 4?

If you pretend that a Ferrari in first gear low consumption, maybe I'm asking too much. If Windows does not pretend that a computer never crashes maybe I'm asking too much. If you claim that the iPhone line 4 does not lose even if you squeeze the handle as water skiing maybe I'm asking too much. Bad jokes and metaphors aside, I would quit repeating one thing: no one forces anyone to buy anything. Have you had an iPhone in the past and you felt good? Perfect, with iPhone 4 you will be even better and once drifted AntennaGate this, you will return to normal and even the most skeptical and fierce criticism of these days you will be amazed.

Apple will correct this minor inconvenience to meet the very few who take the phone to crash hugging? Well-being. He will not and leave it at that? Okay. In a month of iPhone 4 I've been cut off even once and even in many places iPhone 3Gs by the same operator in (TRE) roaming Tim went for hours, my iPhone took a 4 or two notches 3G network . My opinion certainly is not the absolute truth. But with this test I wanted to share with you, once again, what has been my experience so far with iPhone 4 and the antenna problem, and it was a way, I hope effectively, responding to the many users who have asked us these days in forums or on facebook to give our opinion on the matter and advise whether or not to purchase the new iPhone by. As always your advice and your criticism will be the best way for us to know what you think.

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