Friday, July 23, 2010

FacePlant app helps you FaceTime

The creators of FacePlant made something that should have come standard with FaceTime. A way to tell which of your friends is currently on WiFi and ready to FaceTime. Steve Jobs went on record to say that they did not want a buddy list for FaceTime, so FacePlant is basically Job's enemy in that case. The app uses your contact list to show who's available, but you can also turn on privacy for yourself if you don't feel like seeing anyone that day.

The super-neat thing about the app is the ability to leave them video messages. Instead of leaving standard voice messages you can have some fun and leave them one with video, without killing your MMS charges. How neat! The app's not available yet and there's no word on cost or if the app breaks any App Store rules, but we'll soon find out and we'll let you know when/if/how it's available.


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