Tuesday, July 19, 2011

List of Notification Center Widgets for iOS 5

  1. BatteryCenter-Shows the current battery percentage for the device.
  2. BBSettings-System Info(Disk/Memory usage; Hardware),Running apps,Kill all apps,toggles for Flashlight, WIFI, Airplane, Bluetooth, Orientation Lock and Mute,and a dock for you favorite apps.
  3. MusicCenter-Displays now playing music and controls to change and pause song or tweet your current song.
  4. MyIP-Shows your current ip address.
  5. NotificationShower-Easily type a reminder or any unique text to your liking.
  6. Nyan Cat-Nyan Cat animation.
  7. OmniStat-Displays: battery percent, memory free, ip address, processes running, UDID, and more.
  8. PowerCenter-Toggle lock,respring,reboot,view ip address,uptime,cpu load,network,and more.
  9. **QuickComposer-Send an email,text,tweet,make a note,or set a reminder.
  10. QuickNote-Provides a notepad area for quick notes for easy reading.
  11. Respring Widget-Easily respring quickly.
  12. RSSWidget-View an rss feed easily.
  13. ScreenLocker-Lock screen rotation.
  14. SlideCenter-Slide show of photos from the camera roll for the notification center.
  15. **Spring Prefs-Display system statistics(wifi,uptime,ip address,etc).
  16. StatusGoogle-Quick and easily search google.
  17. UISettings-Toggle wifi,bluetooth,location,respring,reboot,safe mode,etc.
  18. WeeFacebook 2.0-Use Facebook directly from the notification center.
  19. WeeStats-Displays: Free ram,ip address, Tasks opened,Disk Space, and allows you to close background task to free ram.
  20. WeeTranslate-Translate to another language with Google's translator engine.
  21. WeeTwitter-Use Twitter to check tweets etc.
  22. **WidgetTask-Multitask right from the notification center.
  23. **Not yet available from developer till iOS 5 GM Release. 


HTML Code:

You must be jailbroken on iOS 5 beta to use these widgets. Installing a .deb will require some simple knowledge.
Add the repo in Cydia by going to Manage then Sources and click Edit at the top right and then Add on top left and type the source in after
HTML Code:
For example lets add MyIP, we'll type for the repo
HTML Code:
and add then search cydia for MyIP and click install. Enable in Settings then Notifications. You may have to respring.

Find anymore? or Updates? Comment App and description for me to include.
~~Respect all the developers and say Thanks!

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