Friday, July 22, 2011

Download iOS 5 Beta 4

  • How to convert see Video below (Windows)

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How to Covert (Windows) :

**Remember the links are only for educational purpose and for beta testing for Developers. If you screw your iDevcie while updating or restoring, the management of iPhoneland won’t be responsible for the loss you will have to bear. So do try them at your own risk. 


iPad 2 Wi-Fi (iPad2,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw) IPSW!

iPad 2 GSM (iPad2,2_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw)

iPad 2 CDMA (iPad2,3_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw) Uploading..

iPad 1 (iPad1,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw) Uploading..

iPhone 4 GSM -Torrent (iPhone3,1 5.0 9A5274d Restore.ipsw)

iPhone 4 CDMA (iPhone3,3_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw) Uploading..

iPhone 3GS (iPhone2,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw) IPSW!

iPod 3g (iPod3,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw) Uploading..

iPod 4g (iPod4,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw) IPSW!

AppleTV 2 (AppleTV2,1_4.4_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw) Uploading..

iTunes 10.5 beta 4 MAC
iTunes 10.5 beta 4 MAC

Itunes 10.5 beta 4 MAC torrents

iTunes 10.5 beta 4 Windows x64

iTunes 10.5 beta 4 Windows x86


  1. cheers pal, pls post windows itunes :)

  2. how long b4 itunes for windows is available ???