Monday, January 3, 2011

You'll Be Able Soon to Extract & Save SHSH Blobs of Older Firmwares

iH8sn0w the developer behind Sn0wbreeze jailbreak tool is working on a new utility which will help you to extract and save SHSH blobs of your iOS device. You may ask "what’s new in this?" since Cydia and TinyUmbrella makes the same job.
Well, TinyUmbrella saves SHSH blobs of the current firmware for which Apple firmware signing window is open. Once Apple prevents signing SHSH blobs for older firmwares, you won't be able to save it anymore. That what this new utility differs from TinyUmbrella and Cydia. It should allow extracting SHSH blobs even on older firmwares. Bringing back the chance for anyone who missed saving hashes for their iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad which may be needed in untethered jailbreak or downgrading.

Here's the conversation between iH8sn0w & MacHackPC on Twitter:

iH8sn0w: @machackpc Something else is on higher priority

machackpc: @iH8sn0w Interesting. Do we deserve to know what that is ?

iH8sn0w: @machackpc its an shsh blobs extracting utility. Right from the device. Not apple.

machackpc: @iH8sn0w Uhh.. Interesting. Does it mean that, You can extract SHSH Blobs for Older Version FW's (For those Apple stopped signing?)

iH8sn0w: @machackpc whatever firmware the device is running.

machackpc: @iH8sn0w That would be awesome. So, if a device is running iOS 4.1, then you can save SHSH for iOS 4.1. Even though Apple stopped signing?

iH8sn0w: @machackpc correct.
On the other side, Semaphore the developer behind TinyUmbrella is working on a new update for the tool which will allow you to restore your iOS device without need to iTunes i.e. it may bypass all iTunes errors allowing you to downgrade and preserve your baseband without any errors.

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