Thursday, January 27, 2011

Comex, Pod2g, P0sixninja challenge Apple ios 4.3 jailbreak

A few hours ago we have reporter that 10n1c developer of Antid0te , Apple may have implemented natively in the protocol ASLR iOS 4.3 to improve the safety and hinder the jailbreak
remember that this system requires a different internal management of some important system libraries making it much more complicated.
However according to the first comments of comex, the response of the authoritative voices of jailbreak does not seem to be as bad as it had been assumed.

If the words of 10n1c not seemed so reassuring, those of Comex are significantly more. The author of Spirit and JailbreakMe thus confirmed that, in future, you might have to get around ASLR system which, as explained in more detail by Pod2G, is a system that, due to its technical nature, prevent hackers from using userland for future jailbreak exploit. Examples of this type of exploit "light" and tools based on these two programs are just the Comex. With ASLR already present on the previous firmware, Spirit and JailbreakMe could not exist.

However, as mentioned above, the situation is not so critical. Course will require further efforts to circumvent this new system (and therefore more time for implementation of new tools) and Comex P0sixninja but seems rather optimistic about it. The Chronic Dev Team leader, in fact, after learning and verified the presence of a person within dell'ASLR iOS 4.3, said he was happy with this choice that, while it will make it more difficult but also fun (his words ) writing a new jailbreak, in each case to help improve the safety of the devices, even when unlocked.

We'll see what happens in the coming weeks, especially after the official iOS 4.3 release stay tuned

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