Saturday, January 29, 2011

Added a little Note to Sony on the Website

As of 1/11/2011 7:20 PM EST, I have been served with papers, see below...

S: Motion For TRO
S: Proposed Order
S: Complaint

G: My Initial Response
S: Supplemental TRO
G: My Second Response
S: Their Comeback

C: Order Granting TRO
C: Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion for TRO

old front page, but censored is here
I am subject to the TRO

As of 1/27/2011, I don't have free speech
I am
giving a talk at Stevens Institute of Technology on Monday, but had to remove the PS3 portions, thanks to the TRO
The portions covered how PS3 security was broken, and more importantly how to fix it(lawsuit free of course)

contact me geohot ... gmail
any legal fund donation things you see are 100% fake as of now, don't get scammed

perhaps a more appropriate way to deal with jailbreakers
I'm going out to buy a Windows 7 phone

Note to Sony:
It's apparent you don't care about your reputation with consumers, and I can almost understand your point there.
Few people consider buying a TV or laptop a moral choice, and the consumer base is quite large.
But talented developers are in much shorter supply, and take it from one personally, who you choose to code for is much more of a moral choice.
The programmers you will one day be looking to hire are the ones reading the tech news sites right now.
And they will remember.

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