Thursday, January 20, 2011

‘SleepFX’ cracked and Free at Cydia !

If you’ve been following the jailbreak tweak scene as of late, then you know that ‘TV Tube Sleep‘ is one of the more beloved tweaks to come along in quite some time.
CydiaRepo Below
Now, the same developer behind that popular tweak is seeking to outdo their last effort with an unofficial ‘tweakquel.’
SleepFX, while not outright replacing TV Tube Sleep, is undoubtedly its spiritual successor; in fact, it contains a TV Tube animation, along with 7 other new sleep animations.
Basically, if you loved TV Tube Sleep, you’re most definitely going to want to try SleepFX. It’s the way TV Tube Sleep should have been from the get go. We can’t totally knock the developer for that though, as there are enough additions in SleepFX to warrant dropping another $0.99.
Add to the fact that new updates seem to appear every few days, and I’d consider SleepFX to be a good value, even if you already own the developer’s previous offering.