Saturday, October 30, 2010

VLC for iOS May be Pulled from the App Store

VLC, the popular meida player that's developed by French 3rd party studio Applidium, has landed on the iPad in September and then on the iPhone last week to play almost any video. But as noticed by iLounge, it may be pulled from the app store very soon for some reasons explained below.

Apple has been sent a formal notification of copyright infringement regarding the way VLC for iOS is distributed in the App Store. RĂ©mi Denis-Courmont, one of the primary developers of VLC, explained that Apple’s iTunes Terms and Conditions don't allow users to install both free and paid apps on more than 5 devices. This goes against the original GNU license VLC's code is based on.
In any case, while the rules for distribution of open-source or "free" (as in speech) software are extremely relaxed, they do exist and have to be abode by. VLC and open-source software in general would not have reached their current quality and success if it had not been for their license. Therefore, blatant license violation cannot be tolerated at any rate. Concerned users are advised to look for application on more open mobile platforms for the time being.
So, in case you don't have the app already on your iPhone, better get it now as it still available Here  or  Mirror for free.
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